Show the books!

Show the books!

Open the books!

We ask for a federal, state, and city investigation that would open the books for a real investigation into all HPD private-public partnerships with Neighborhood Restore (and non-profits), including the Third Party Transfer program, TIL-ANCP, and Inclusionary Zoning.

This PBS special explains the corruption of all those programs in Miami and Dallas. In these localities, the Low-Income developer inflates the bills and pass them to Uncle Sam.

Real Examples

In New York City, the Low-Income developers use the Major Capital Improvements loophole to pass the inflated bills to the low-income tenants themselves. Those who can get Section 8 vouchers get to remain, and the others get to be evicted using the court system.

Another clear example is this New York Times Article about Fixing Low Income Aging Building. The problem is that the building did not belong to Riseboro to conduct the project. (If you don't have access to the NY Times, you can download a printed version.)

The audio below is from the residents in the Casa Pasiva NY Times article above.

This website's role is to document through press articles every possible way these regulated sponsors took advantage of a program and distorted it to enrich their board of directors.

That HPD sat right here and said that they came to our building and notified us is a lie!

Isabel Adon

These are testimonies at a City Hall hearing from victims. At the time, we had great hopes, but the reality did not materialize. We met with the staffer, but after two years, nothing has changed.

We reached out to the Mayor of New York City, and eventually to the United States President.

Since we reached out to everyone and nothing will change, we are left with one solution; document the problem and run for office.