Show the books!

Show the books!

About US

We are a group of NYC tenant-harrassed victims asking for a federal, state, and city investigation that would open the books for a real investigation into all HPD private-public partnerships with Neighborhood Restore (and non-profits), including the Third Party Transfer program, TIL-ANCP, and Inclusionary Zoning.

If you are a victim of HPD, NYCHA, DHS, DSS, or any other agency, please join us by filling out this form. We want to hear from you!

Most of the material presented on this site belong to me, Theo Chino, because I am the only one of all the victims to have kept pristine records of every detail on the Third Party Program.

My landlord is UHAB, a slumlord disguised as a Non Profit working for the community. As you can see, she is asking me to cease my harassing behavior.

UHAB is one of the Slumlord disguised as a non-profit working for the community. There are many others, and on this website, we are trying to do the work that the city was supposed to do.

Many of the victims have been threatened using the Housing Court System. These people are very well connected in the Democratic Party circles.

These Non Profit landlords and Private developers have pushed all our buttons to the point of madness. We are so upset that we lose our credibility. We are not crazy but pushed to the brink of madness. If that is you, you are not alone.

If you are a victim of HPD, NYCHA, DHS, DSS, or any other agency, please join us by filing out this form.

You are not alone!

We are putting a list of candidates for public office for which you should not vote. We call that list #LaShitList and we are conducting a Cyber Protest to encourage the candidates to learn about the problem so they can get of it.

Once you installed the tools, the Cyber Protest Actions takes less than 5 minutes a day.