Show the books!

Show the books!

2021 NYC Candidates Knowledge

Republican Candidates

You are a GOP candidate so we would like to see on your website your housing proposal and an anti corruption stance that include the investigation of HPD, NYCHA and DSS.

To be taken off the list, you need to explain why you agree or disagree with the content of this video and what is your solution to combat systemic racism like Redlining. Also required is that you invite all your GOP petitioners and witnessed to be redirected to the RepMyBlock website so they can run with you to represent their block for the GOP County Committee.

To understand Redlining we need to rediscover a bit of history. You don't have to agree with the material presented by Vox but you have to watch it.

After you watch the race for priviledge, the following video explain how the History was rewriten by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. This alteration has enabled the acceptation of embeded racism all over the United States which include the Redlining that are embeded in HPD policies.

Let's have a discussion on Twitter.

Mandatory for you as a GOP candidate is to engage your volunteers to run for County Committee. We will provide you all the material for them to petition for you and for themselves. The information on the video below is located at or

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