Show the books!

Show the books!

2021 NYC Candidates Knowledge

Elected Official

You are an elected official candidate running for office and because of it, we have additional demands. We already made those demands on July 22nd, 2019. We tought you heard us, but nobody did. Now, we are done.

To be taken off the list, you need to use you power as an elected and start an imediate investigation that include the community in the finances of all the non-profit receiving or using public goods.

We are tired to be used!

As an example, Ms. Bloodman was a victim of Activism Quid Pro Quo. To be able to speak to her Councilman, Candidate for Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, Ms. Bloodman followedhim to Albany to pad a protest. The tweet with the material.

To this day she is still waiting for her ADA toilet seat.

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