Show the books!

Show the books!

2021 NYC Candidates Knowledge

Socialists and Communists Candidates

You are a member of the Democratic Socialist of America and you have done nothing to protect your comrades and allies.

To be taken off the list, you need to watch the video above and understand the history of Socialism. I have included one small mistake that is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Once you have watched it, please tweet about it. It's a factual mistake. A real Socialist would know.

As tenants of corrupt non-profit with balloon payment hanging over our heads, we are not interested in potential solutions in 20 years. We want a solution now!

As a DSA candidate, we want you to reach out to AOC and have her act on the AfroSoc Resolution. Bellow is the video to show how undemocratic the silencing of the HPD, NYCHA and DSS victim has been by the leadership.

You can find the GAO Report that was sparked by the Frontline PBS special. However this report doesn't drill enough in the shoddy deals between the banks and the Non Profits that are favored by Cea Weaver.

Have AOC publicly post the request for a new GAO investigation on Twitter for all to see.

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