Show the books!

Show the books!

2021 NYC Candidates Knowledge

Democratic Party Candidates

As a Democratic Party candidate you get to be on the #LaShitList twice. Once on your own and once for each instance a club endorse you. The reason is that the clubs are in control of the Judicial Candidates.

It's important they understand that their action has concequences in Housing Court. Those non profits have used the court system to rob us of our homes.

To be taken off the list, you will need to also have the club understand the problem and issue a similar resolution as the the AfroSoc Resolution and presented to the district House member and both Senators in Washington, D.C.

You can find the GAO Report that was sparked by the Frontline PBS special. However this report doesn't drill enough in the shoddy deals between the banks and the Non Profits that are favored by Cea Weaver.

If you are a Staten Island or Manhattan candidate, it is also mandatory that you engage your volunteers to run for County Committee. We will provide you all the material for them to petition for you and for themselves. The information on the video below is located at or

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